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Coronado’s Historic Sub Sandwich Location

So Thankful To Our Patrons

If you are ever in the mood for a BLT, and you live (or are visiting the Island) we ask that you come and try the Avenue Subs Coronado version! Piled high, and oh-so-good. We have been known to make the best…and you will have to keep coming back for more.

Have an idea for your own sandwich, or want to go custom? No problem! All of our ingredients are fresh, and only the best for our patrons. Opening our doors inside of Avenue Liquor and Wine has been a blessing. We see familiar faces, and always find new ones to chat with. We started to cater when the demand became clear! If you want to have your party stocked with great food, we can do it for you! if you order over $100, and live (or are staying) on Coronado island…we will deliver it right to your door!

Make This Your New Tradition

A Message From Our Founder Nathan

My family and I are so humbled to be rated a top choice for local Coronado Islanders, and visitors alike. We love to make great food, and talk to our customers. My brother, Wissam, is a magician when it comes to flavor, and he and I enjoy our time with sandwich lovers. We are not fancy, but we are authentic. From our Orange Avenue Specialty Sub to the Coronado Sandwich…everything we make is inspired by the island. We have added mexican food, breakfast options, and fresh salads to our menu…and have enjoyed seeing the success of the recipes. Thank you to all of our supporters, you have helped make our jobs so fun!

Nathan Hiedo, owner and chef of Avenue Subs Coronado

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